The “Sprint into Spring Camp” - staged by the hosts of the NFL Combine as well as the fastest growing sports performance programs in the world, Parisi Speed School - will be held at Riverside Athletic club starting Feb. 17.
The quality camp costs only $49 for the 4 week program that will meet on Monday and Wednesday nights at 5:30 p.m.  
Eric Filipiak, Program Director for Parisi Speed School, commented that parents are always looking for opportunities to help their child in life, in and outside the classroom and this program provides an excellent chance for children to increase their self-confidence by improving their physical attributes. 
The “Sprint into Spring” camp will also provide children the ability to adequately prepare for their spring sport by working on the fundamental of change of direction, acceleration and deceleration, strength and flexibility.  Their child will be more explosive, more agile, jump higher and farther and run faster in any sport with the proven Parisi training techniques, Filipiak continued. For those children not participating in a spring sport, this will educate and provide a strong foundation for their health, fitness, and future endeavors. 
Parisi is dedicated and committed to providing education, training, and inspiration to children to live a healthier more active lifestyle. The “Sprint into Spring” camp would be a tremendous opportunity to provide that baseline. 
For additional information on the Parisi Speed School and how to get your child involved in this program, please call Riverside Athletic Club at 715-536-2481 or visit their website