A stunning second week of Merrill Ice Drags concluded on the frozen waves of Lake Alexander in the Council Grounds! Beautiful weather and fantastic nighttime temps have continued to give racers amazing hard ice! Make sure you stop out to watch these awesome dragsters and get your speed needs fulfilled. With two weeks left, there is still plenty of time to get your car out there and see what it can do. There is a class for every car and skill level.
Results for Sat., Jan. 18th: 4x4 Rubber Tire- 1st Bob Schultz, 2nd Dean Ziegelbauer; 11.0 seconds- 1st Chris Huitfeldt, 2nd Brendon Herdt; 10.0 secs.- 1st Travis Arndt, 2nd Larry Opichka; 9.0 secs.- 1st Cody Hemig, 2nd Travis Arndt; 8.5 secs.- 1st Scott Szarowicz, 2nd Ryan Blake; 8.0 secs.- 1st Craig Westfall, 2nd Dick Jennejohn; Modified- 1st Perry  Redeker, 2nd Heather Woller; Altered- 1st Perry Redeker, 2nd Ryan Podeweltz; Open Door Slammer- 1st Ryan Podeweltz, 2nd Matt Paulson; Outlaw- 1st Don Woller, 2nd Ryan Podeweltz; Powder Puff- 1st Ruth Redeker, 2nd Mandy Beil.
For all rules, records and updates check out the new website! www.merrillicedrags.com