Studio 808 dishes up a dizzying array of old-fashioned, hard-serve flavors with a retro-cool vibe to satisfy the cravings of any ice cream lover. 
Shelby and Trevor Dzwonkowski purchased the building at 808 E. First St. earlier this year with the intention of creating a ceramics studio, while serving ice cream and pizza on the side. 
“After we started looking into the two different businesses, the timing worked out better to do the ice cream in the spring and open the ceramics studio in the fall,” Shelby said. 
The ice cream parlor moved to the front burner after a visit to a friend’s ice cream shop in Marshfield opened their eyes to the possibilities. 
“We saw how much fun they were having,” Shelby said.
Merrill’s response to the ice cream parlor has been “amazing,” Shelby added.
“I have a whole new understanding of Merrill,” she said, “what a positive, supportive community it can be.”
Shelby moved to Merrill in 1999. She and Trevor are part owners of the Cosmo Theatre, along with Shelby’s parents.
Trevor, who has a background as a contractor, did all the work to transform the former Dork Father’s space into a retro-themed ice cream parlor. The exterior brick and front windows are all that remain from the building’s former life.
The furnishings and décor evoke the ‘50s heyday of the ice cream parlor. 
“We wanted it to be something different,” Shelby said. “The younger crowd thinks it’s fun and the older crowd can appreciate the nostalgia.”
The Dzwonkowski’s have learned more about ice cream than they ever thought possible since deciding to open Studio 808.
Studio 808 gets all of its ice cream from Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream Company in Madison. Their products are proudly made in Wisconsin with Wisconsin milk. 
“We rotate flavors, with at least one new flavor a day,” Shelby said. “Chocolate Shoppe has 120 flavors to pick from and I really want to try all of them by the end of the summer.”
Studio 808 always offers at least one non-dairy option for customers who may be lactose intolerant. Ice cream is naturally gluten free, and Studio 808 also offers gluten free cones.
Studio 808 makes their own waffle cones, averaging about 150 per day.
The shop is now starting to serve pizzas and snacks in addition to all the different ice cream treats on the menu.
The ice cream parlor will be open year round and will be joined by the ceramics studio in the fall. The ceramics studio will offer pre-poured and unpainted ceramics that can be purchased and taken home or painted at the studio. Shelby is also hoping to offer ceramics and art classes at Studio 808. 
“I think it’ll be a nice indoor activity,” she said. 
Studio 808 is open from noon to 10 p.m., seven days a week.