In response to complaints of noise from the Public Safety Center of Excellence in Merrill, NTC completed a sound study in December 2013.

The study showed that the facility is operating within the guidelines of Merrill’s city ordinance dealing with loud and unnecessary noise.
“We are fully within the city ordinance,” said NTC President Dr. Lori Weyers.

The study did not recommend construction of a sound wall around the center because a wall would not effectively reduce the spikes in noise levels to benefit neighboring residents. However, NTC has and will be making efforts to curtail noise from the facility.
“It’s important to us to be a good neighbor,” Weyers said. “We are doing additional things to satisfy concerns.”

NTC has already adjusted training hours to 7 a.m. -9 p.m., which are the hours outlined in the city’s noise ordinance policy.

NTC is also making modifications to the sirens on its emergency vehicle fleet to reduce noise levels.

NTC will be planting 250-500 trees around the perimeter of the center to create a visual barrier and a pleasing view for local residents.
Noise complaints arose from activities on the center’s Emergency Vehicle Operations Courses (EVOC). Fire trucks and police vehicles are driven around a parking area to simulate real life conditions. There is also a PA system that signals the start and stop of training runs and other announcements.