When the Hanging Flower Basket Committee kicks off their fund drive on March 1, we anticipate streets lined with flowers instead of snow banks. The project begins its seventh season and as in the past, will hang beautiful baskets of wave petunias on light poles around the city. This year there will be 118 baskets suspended from 59 poles on the streets of Merrill. Since this is a community project, we depend on the generosity of community members as well as the cooperation of the Chamber of Commerce, Park and Recreation Department and Merrill’s Street Department.
We are in the final year of replacing the baskets we purchased in 2008 and in addition to that expense we will again pay a member of the community to water the baskets on Sundays. It is important that the flowers be watered seven days a week.
Donations to the project remain the same as previous years. A pole donation is $100 and consists of two baskets, while a single basket donation will be $60. Contributions to this beautification effort are critical to continuing the project, since the committee relies on community support to fund the project. If you, your organization or business wish to donate, contribution forms will be found on posters at Johnson’s Gifts, First Street Coffee Station, Drew’s Super Market or Merrill’s Chamber of Commerce. Grocery bag stuffers will also be used as part of the fund raising campaign.
Members of the committee are: Helene Ader (chair), Jack Ader, Marty Anderson, Sharon Anderson, Ginny Drew, Carla Moore, Jane ann Savaske and Marilyn Wright. The committee is grateful to the community for the generous support Merrill has shown in past years and are hoping for another successful year.