The 23rd annual Merrill Lighted Christmas Parade scheduled for Dec. 7 has been rescheduled for Friday, Dec. 13 at 5:30 p.m.  The parade was cancelled after many floats backed out due to the frigid weather conditions forecast for last Saturday.  However, Santa did light the Christmas trees as scheduled and then visited with many children at Courtside Furniture on Saturday.
According to the weather forecast, the temperature on Friday is supposed to be around 20 degrees.  Warm enough to bundle up the kids and prepare them for the Christmas parade.  The parade route will change slightly, traveling from Genesee and West Main streets and traveling straight to East First Street to Mill Street, to East Main Street and ending at the Lincoln County courthouse, but with no tree lighting since it has already taken place.  Santa however is scheduled to visit Merrill again, bringing up the end of the parade.
Due to the rescheduling of the parade, it will be considerably shorter with 24 lighted units participating.  The Rotary Club will once again be on the courthouse lawn serving up hot chocolate to help warm up those lined up to watch the parade.  Many stores will also remain open longer.  
For more information on all Christmas activities, contact the Merrill Chamber of Commerce at (715) 536-9474 or on the web at .