Bitter cold temperatures expected through Wednesday will push natural gas use to near record levels, Wisconsin Public Service (WPS) officials said today. They also say the supply is adequate to serve customers, barring the unforeseen.
"We set a daily record for natural gas use earlier this month during the polar vortex deep freeze," said Ron Mosnik, director of gas supply. "We think we'll approach that level in the next couple days."
WPS has curtailed gas service to its interruptible customers. Those customers have an alternate fuel supply and receive lower rates in exchange for allowing WPS to interrupt natural gas service during periods of extremely high use. The company has also limited its transportation customers (customers who buy gas from a different supplier that WPS distributes through its gas lines) to the amount of natural gas they deliver to the natural gas system.
WPS also advises customers who choose to use other alternatives for heating to be cautious. Electric or fossil- fueled space heaters should only be used following the manufacturer's instructions for use. They must be located away from flammable objects and in an area that allows for proper ventilation.
Customers should not use electric stoves or ovens for heat. It is dangerous. Burns could result from inadvertent contact with them. Fire is a danger if the heating coils are contacted by flammable objects.
Never use charcoal indoors. Burning charcoal produces high levels of carbon monoxide (CO) that can sicken or kill residents. CO is an invisible, tasteless gas than does not emit an odor.
For more information about cold weather tips visit the WPS website.