Maggie Krzyzanowski, owner of Sweeter Times, is confident in the future of Merrill’s west side – so much so that she recently relocated her business from downtown to West Main Street.
“I really believe that once they get the River Bend Trail going, and with Council Grounds, the west side is going to be the place to be,” Maggie said.
Maggie started Sweeter Times four years ago, when she purchased Patsy’s Candy Tree from Patsy Woller. Along with the old-fashioned candies, Maggie added a mix of antique and vintage merchandise from her own collection.
Sweeter Times previously shared an East Main Street storefront with Once Read Book Shop, owned by Harriet Slaga. When Harriet retired from the used book business, Maggie decided to buy the former Buhrman’s Floral building at 409 W. Main St.
Several years ago, after she grew weary of the real estate and mortgage business, Maggie decided she would stay home and try her hand at being a housewife.
“I got bored desperately in two years, or maybe less,” she said.
When the opportunity to buy Woller’s candy shop came up, Maggie was ready for the challenge.
Buying a building, renovating it and moving the business has been a whole new challenge.
“I’m actually blaming my husband,” Maggie said. “He said let’s renovate a building.”
She and her husband put a lot of work into the building, which received a total interior transformation over about four months. Maggie said the location just feels right to her, possibly because her real estate office was located right across the street when she first came to Merrill over 20 years ago.
Sweeter Times offers old-fashioned candy, high-end chocolate, healthy snacks, antiques, vintage and fun.
As for the “antiques, vintage and fun,” Maggie explains that she carries an eclectic mix of items.
“There really is no theme,” she said. “Some of it I’ve had for years and I go to auctions looking for things I haven’t seen before.”
The best thing about antique shops is the unique merchandise, Maggie said. Even with five antique shops in Merrill, each one always has something different to offer.
“The chances of seeing the same thing in two stores is slim to none,” she said.
Sweeter Times is open 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday, or “If the lights are on, come on in,” Maggie says. The business can be reached at 715-722-0703.