On Monday, July 21, a store called Merrill police after observing surveillance video of a male shoplifting a sandwich from the store. The man is observed eating a sandwich inside the store which he did not pay for. The man, who was known to officers, was also found to be on probation and it was requested he be arrested for the probation violation. 
On Tuesday afternoon, a store reported they had detained a man who had shoplifted multiple times in the recent past. He was found to have shoplifted once again. 
Video surveillance showed the man entering the store’s restroom with two sandwiches and exiting without them. An employee checked the restroom and the sandwiches were not located. The man left the store without purchasing the sandwiches. 
Officers had been attempting to locate the man in reference to the other shoplifting complaints at this store as well as another. Additionally the man had a warrant for his arrest through the Department of Corrections. 
The man fled from the store employees into a residence once he learned law enforcement was contacted. He gave himself up shortly thereafter. He was arrested for the warrant and issued three different citations for retail theft for his recent thefts.