Although the weather is beginning to warm up a little, the Merrill Water Utility reminds customers to continue to run water in their homes and businesses to prevent water main freezing. Due to the frost depth in the ground, the need to run water will continue until further notice.

The utility issued the following notice to customers in early February. It remains in effect:

Due to the severe conditions of the winter season being experienced this year, the City of Merrill Utility Customers are requested on a system-wide basis to start running water to reduce the problems of water & sewer lines freezing due to the uncommon depths of the frost & freezing conditions.
This measure is intended to reduce the amount of more expensive thawing operations, and is anticipated to ultimately present a better economic solution. All utility customers will receive an estimated bill based on their average winter usage. Customers will not be billed for the additional water usage. A follow up notification will be provided when utility customers can stop running their water.
Running water means to run one faucet the stream size the diameter of a pencil. This can be run 24 hours a day.  If you have any questions please contact the utility office.   Again the utility will instruct you at a later date as to when you may shut the faucet off.
Thank you 
Merrill Water Utility