Saturday at 5:14 p.m., a man called Merrill Police to report a disturbance outside his residence. When an officer arrived, an intoxicated male was yelling and screaming at another male. The officer attempted to intervene and the intoxicated man became resistive toward the officer. The man was taken into custody at that time for disorderly conduct and resisting an officer.
It was found the intoxicated man had entered the yard of the caller and kicked his dog for reasons unknown. This led to the argument and the intoxicated man attempting to instigate a physical fight with the dog’s owner. The caller does not know the man, why he kicked his dog or why he was upset with him.
The man was transported to Good Samaritan Health Care Center to be medically cleared prior to being taken to jail. At the hospital he yelled and swore at medical staff and was subsequently charged with a second count of disorderly conduct. He also fought with officers and attempted to flee the hospital, resulting in a second count of resisting an officer. The man also made threats against the arresting officer and he was additionally charged with intimidation of a witness. 
On Sunday afternoon, a resident in that same neighborhood called Merrill Police to report someone had scattered trash around his yard overnight, broke a window with the trash can lid and had used a bird feeder in an attempt to gain entry to the residence. A cap was left behind at the scene.
The officer suspected the same male that officers had arrested the previous day due to the proximity of the two incidents.
The officer spoke to the man at the jail who admitted the cap was his. He claimed he did not remember much of the previous day’s incident due to his level of intoxication. Additional charges may be forthcoming for the man for criminal damage to property.