The Lincoln County Humane Society is raising funds to send a special needs cat to an animal sanctuary in Utah. The sanctuary, operated by Best Friends Animal Society, is the nation’s largest no-kill animal sanctuary. 
Tyresias, a cat who has been in the care of the Lincoln County Humane Society since June, is missing one eye and has limited vision in the other. He is also positive for feline leukemia. 
Best Friends had initially contacted the Lincoln County Humane Society to ask why the shelter’s kill rates are so low. Following those discussions, Best Friends agreed to accept Tyresias at their sanctuary. Best Friends receives thousands of requests for admission each year, but is only able to accommodate a small portion of those requests. Many of the accepted animals have special needs. Best Friends is also successful in finding homes for these special pets.
To have a pet accepted into the sanctuary is an unexpected honor, said Lincoln County Humane Society shelter manager Liz Friedenfels.
“Not a lot of shelters are given an opportunity to do this,” Friedenfels said.
The catch is that the shelter needs to pay for transportation for the cat and a human guide to get to Utah, then rent a car to reach the sanctuary. The shelter has until Jan. 3 to get Tyresias there.
Anyone interested in donating to the cause can do so through the shelter’s website at, mailing a donation to Lincoln County Humane Society, 200 N. Memorial Dr., Merrill, or by stopping at the shelter.