Lincoln County Deputies reported traffic was very heavy throughout the day on Thursday as people headed north for the holiday. Several reckless driving reports were checked on and some broken down vehicles were also investigated. 
Deputies spent about an hour re-routing traffic after a large crash shut down US Hwy 51 at Brokaw. At 4 p.m., the Wisconsin State Patrol informed deputies they would be shutting down US Hwy. 51 and sending traffic up County Rd. K. They requested Lincoln County Deputies send the traffic east on County Rd. Q and then back northbound on US Hwy. 51. Deputies were able to get the thousands of vehicles safely back onto US Hwy. 51 without incident. 
Around 10 p.m., Lincoln County assisted Oneida County with traffic after they had a motorcycle crash just into their county north of US Hwy. 8. A Lincoln County Deputy had to investigate one rear end crash which was caused in the traffic back up. 
Traffic was again very heavy on Lincoln County roads Sunday as many people headed home after a long weekend. A couple of incidents slowed traffic: A crash on US Hwy. 8 at US Hwy. 51 tied up traffic for about an hour. 
A cooler that fell off of a vehicle and spilled its contents all over the south bound side of US Hwy. 51 backed up traffic to a crawl up to County Rd. S. A short time after the cooler was removed traffic again started flowing. 
A report was also received that the construction in Marathon County had backed up traffic into Lincoln County starting before noon on Sunday. 
Deputies noted very few problems on the roadway Sunday as they patrolled US Hwy. 8 steadily during the peak hours.