Hurd Windows and Doors won’t have to pay back a $200,000 TID loan from the city of Merrill, now that its Superseal operation has surpassed job creation goals set by the city.
Hurd was offered the loan in November 2011 for its subsidiary Superseal Windows and Doors. Per the terms of a development agreement with the city, Hurd wouldn’t have to pay back the loan if they created at least 75 new full-time jobs in Merrill by Dec. 15, 2014. 
In November 2011, Hurd had 21 full-time jobs in Merrill. 
In a June 3 letter to Merrill Mayor Bill Bialecki, Hurd Vice President of Administration Scott Albers noted, “Due to the growth in our Superseal operations, assisted by the Development Agreement, the number of positions at the Merrill location has now reached 97.”
Having met the job creation obligation within the required timeframe, Hurd can now consider the $200,000 a development incentive with no repayment required.
Superseal produces vinyl windows and patio doors in the Hurd plant on Water Street in Merrill. Hurd purchased Superseal Windows and Doors in January 2011 along with an existing Superseal plant in New Jersey. Hurd invested in equipment and upgrades to the Merrill facility to convert it for Superseal production. Production was consolidated at the Merrill plant in 2012 and the New Jersey facility was converted to a distribution center.