The Lincoln County  Recreation Deputy is still considering whether citations will be issued after a deputy found an ATV traveling on a county road towing a refrigerator.
The deputy was on County Rd. H near Grundy Rd. in the Town of Skanawan when he saw an ATV traveling south on County Rd. H towing a hollowed out refrigerator with two adult male passengers inside. The deputy could not tell at first what was being towed by the ATV but saw a shower of sparks coming from it.  
After questioning the driver, the deputy was able to see marks on the ground showing the trio had made a few laps down the road prior to being located at 12:30 a.m. The men - one from Gleason and two from Wausau - admitted to drinking, but none of them were intoxicated. They agreed to push their ATV home and pick up the refrigerator later Sunday morning.
The Rec. Deputy noted the stretch of road is open to ATV traffic but a citation for operation in a careless manner will probably be issued.