Learn a new game for the New Year! On Sunday afternoon, Dec. 29, from 12:30 to 3:30 p.m., experience board gaming at its best at T.B. Scott Free Library in Merrill. Demo and open game playing of great board games will have the library’s Community Room humming.
No experience is needed. For each game there will be an experienced player from the Central Wisconsin Gaming Enthusiasts to give a short demo, after which players will break out into groups to play the different board games.  
All ages are welcome to attend. Plenty of adults and youth alike enjoyed the library’s Game On! program in August. It’s suggested that, if you’re not yet age 10, bring an adult to appreciate the experience. Board games for all ages, including family games, will be ready for playing.  
You’ll have a completely computer-free experience, playing board games known and enjoyed around the world. A wide variety of games have been selected for you to learn and enjoy. Examples include:
*Players in Settlers of Catan are immigrants and settlers on an imaginary unsettled island.  You can build settlements, roads, and villages—but watch out for bad guys too.
*The game board of Carcassonne is a medieval landscape built by players as the game progresses.  You score by connecting tiles you accumulate into a network of cities, roads, fields, and cloisters. 
*Kingdom Builder, Marvel Legends Deck Building Game, and Castellan plus many more will be on hand to be played.
Door prizes will give you a chance to win just for coming. Thanks to the T.B. Scott Library, designer games will be given away for free to lucky game players.
Refreshments will be served at the event, compliments of The Checkered Churn and First Street Coffee Station to add to your enjoyment.
Central Wisconsin Gaming Enthusiasts and T.B. Scott Free Library, the program’s co-sponsors, are pleased to bring you this program. For additional information on the web, go to www.tbscottlibrary.org, the library’s website. You can also find information on Facebook at CentralWisconsinGamingEnthusiastscwge or T.B. Scott Free Library or 715-536-7191.