Full-time deputies at the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office are seeking a pay hike and have officially organized as a labor union. Members of the Lincoln County Professional Deputies Association have requested a pay increase to match their counterparts in law enforcement in Tomahawk and Merrill. Currently, deputies are paid $710 a month and the county is offering an increase to $750 a month. Tomahawk Police Officers on the other hand will receive $791 a month and Merrill Officers $781 a month beginning in 1974. Supervisors at each agency will also see an increase; Lincoln County has offered to pay their sergeants $779, while Merrill’s receive $811 and Tomahawk $824. Work continues between the deputies and the personal committee. Representing the deputies are Sgt. Leroy Degner, Deputies David Haskins, Ronald Krueger, Robert B. Plisch, and Paul Proulx. The deputies have hired James T. Rogers of Tomahawk and Merrill to represent them.

In other county news, after a plea before the county board by District Attorney Dennis Montabon to fund an assistant DA for 10 months, the board voted to instead fund it for three months and appointed a committee to study the need for a permanent ADA. The board also voted to fund an additional deputy for the sheriff’s office in 1974 and settled contracts with two unions. The county highway crew will be getting a 23 cent pay increase and an increase in health insurance and injury duty reimbursements. Pine Crest employees will receive a 16 cent increase along with increased sick leave benefits in 1974. All non-union county employees will receive a $40 per month salary increase in 1974.

The last was also a record. The last baby born at Holy Cross Hospital in 1973 was Melaine Joy Hill, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Hill. She was born on Dec. 30, at 8:45 and became the 13,000 recorded birth on the Hill. The first baby of 1974 was Jennifer Jo Koepke, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Koepke, she arrived into the world at 7:56 a.m. on New Year’s Day. There were 291 babies born at Holy Cross in 1973, up 17 from 1972.


State Representative Sheehan Donoghue blames her democratic opponents for starting the rumor she is not running for re-election in 1984 but made it quite clear she is. In a press release Donoghue stated she will make a formal announcement when it is appropriate but it is her full intention to seek re-election for her assembly post for the 35th district.

Meanwhile local races are beginning to shape up as candidates begin to declare for offices. Ken Plawman has filed papers seeking a second term representing Merrill’s Sixth Ward. Plawman served in the Navy and is the owner of Plawman’s Playhouse Tavern. Robert St. Clair has filed to run for alderman in the Eighth Ward. St. Claire has previously served stints on the school board and county board. The Eighth Ward is currently represented by Elmer Kleinschmidt. Jay Tlusty has announced he is seeking re-election to the Merrill Board of Education. Tlusty was appointed to the board in 1980 to fill a vacancy and was afterward elected to a three-year term. Tlusty is employed as an attorney with the Russell, Ravn and Tlusty law firm.
Joshua was the first and Matthew was the last. Joshua Reid Lee the son of Bruce and Pam Lee of Merrill was the first baby born in 1984 coming along at 1:30 a.m. on Jan. 2. He joins his 19-month-old sister Cassondra. The last baby of 1983 was Matthew John Peterson the son of Carol and Terry Peterson of Merrill. Matthew was born on Dec. 28 at 11:11 p.m. at Holy Cross. He joins his sister Sarah Rae at home.


Local Badger fans got into the spirit this past Saturday in many ways as the UW Madison Badgers returned to the Rose Bowl after a 31-year hiatus. Traffic in Merrill ground to a halt after kick off and collective roars and groans could be heard all over town. When the game was over some folks from Merrill headed to Madison to join in the peaceful celebration on State Street where an estimated 10,000 fans rejoiced in the victory. At least 40 brave souls from Merrill headed west for a close up view of the contest in Pasadena. Despite rumors of ticket problems all who headed out reported great seats and even better weather. Midwest Sports is expecting any day to receive Rose Bowl caps, t-shirts, and sweatshirts to show off the Badger victory. On page one the girls at River Valley State Bank and the staff at Johnson Pharmacy show off their red and white support late last week. (If memory serves me the town ran out of beer the first night the Badger fans were in town. The bar owners stocked up for a typical Rose Bowl weekend but not a Wisconsin fan weekend. I am sure some of the locals who went out there aided in the alcohol shortage)

Xi Pi Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi Sorority annual baby photo contest winners have been announced after the contest was held at Drew’s Piggly Wiggly. The top vote getters are: 1. Year old Reba Jo Sjuggerud who is pictured with her father Gary, second place went to 8 ½ month old Kyle Rajek who is pictured with his mother Chris, and 35 month old Melissa Mahn with her mother Joanne. The proceeds from the event will be distributed back to the community by the sorority.

In this week’s Quotem Pole writer Norm Heideman is very excited about the Badger victory in the Rose Bowl but laments about the Green Bay Packers after their dismal performance against Detroit this past week. According to Norm, the rumor is that Packer GM Ron Wolf is in line for a job with another team and it is his wish that Wolf take Favre, Buckley and some linemen along with him. (Hang in there Norm; this was Favre’s first full season - things will look up)