Weather wins in Bluejay soccer game

The Bluejay girls battled the elements as much as Wausau East in Monday’s home soccer game, taking a half-hour lightning break in the middle of the second half before radar checks postponed the finish to next week.

The Lumberjacks hold a 2-0 lead in the game after scoring twice early in the first half.

“Sloppy,” is the way MHS coach Steph Nelson described the night. “It’s definitely not the way we’ve been playing. As soon as it gets sloppy the girls kick it around instead of settling it and passing.”

Merrill plays at East next Tuesday, and this game will be completed first.

The Bluejays have stepped up their play recently, hanging with Marshfield and SPASH for stretches of last week’s Valley games before posting a 2-1 record in Saturday’s Antigo Quad.

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